Mobile gaming is fast becoming a huge phenomenon in today’s world. With every smartphone and tablet capable of supporting games, people of all ages and demographics are flocking to the table to have fun. Unfortunately, as more players enter the highly competitive market, it is hard to keep up. So how do you know which game is the one for you? Which ones are worth your time? We’ve researched for you!

With so many mobile games being produced each day, it can be hard to decide which is the best mobile game for you. Fortunately, we’ve been doing the work for you. From retro games to brand new releases, here are our picks for the top 10 best mobile games of tomorrow. Just like last year, there are many established brands behind these games, including Big Fish, PlayTrex, N-verse, and others, meaning that there will be something fun to suit just about any taste. With so many choices, there really is no excuse not to pick a game!

One of the most popular current games in the mobile game market is Monument Valley, a free puzzle game that has been downloaded over 50 million times. It is a side-scrolling adventure filled with bizarre items, such as an egg that turns into a gun and an apple becoming a knife! Players guide their virtual characters through a world full of ancient ruins littered with boulders, caves, and streams. Hidden areas and puzzles are the norms, and the point is simple: find the item you need to advance to the next area.

Another highly recommended title is Quest of Ages, a turn-based tactical game developed by Big Fish. It’s probably best known as a social networking game, where you play with friends and family members to build the strongest village and save the land from destruction. The game mechanics are similar to many of the popular Facebook and Android games, as you help your character grow, gain abilities, and level up before facing off against waves of enemy units. The story is engaging, and the graphics are pleasant and crisp, especially on an android tablet.

In third place is a new game that just debuted this week: Bishi Bashi, which is in fact the Japanese translation of Monopoly: The Board Game. This is a real innovation, blending the board game elements with some mobile gaming excitement. Players take on the role of a shareholder making their investment decisions, which revolve around buying properties, renting them out, and spending money on technology, infrastructure, and taxes. It looks and sounds fun, but as with all the best mobile games, the microtransactions add a bit of an element of strategy and economic management.

We’re going to start with games that have been familiar to mobile users for years: Pathfinder and Harvest Moon: The Cats of Sherwood. These classics have maintained their popularity on cellphones thanks to good sound effects, interesting gameplay, and well-designed characters. In Pathfinder, players search for the longest pathway between two points on the map, while in Harvest Moon: The Cats of Sherwood, you need to save some cats by avoiding all the obstacles on your path and collecting items along the way. Both games are open-ended and have multiple stages, allowing you to replay them repeatedly and earn upgrades for your farmhouse.

A few other games that might not have made it to the list due to limited availability on some Android devices include Mafia Wars and Draw Something. Both of these apps were downloaded many times by many people and have always had great reviews. However, there was a limit to the ability for developers to make them available on the low-cost Android devices of 2021, which meant as many people didn’t see them as they could have been. Perhaps that has changed now, as the Google Play app works with many different gaming platforms, including the newly released Kindle Fire.

We’ve listed 10 games we think are the most interesting and must be included on your list of Android apps to try in the future. However, mobile gaming is an ever-changing field, and new games are being developed every day. We expect that as technology improves, we’ll see many more games that can run on Android devices. The games listed above are a great start for you to get a taste of what’s out there. As mobile gaming becomes more advanced, we’ll see what kinds of games are available on phones which run on the Android platform.

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