Mobile Games has really come into their own, what with the success of Pokemon Go and other clever applications. While it’s true that the platform is starting to dry up, there are still several great games to keep your attention. Whether you prefer your games on your phone or tablet or both, there’s sure to be a good one out there. Here are our picks of the top 10 best mobile games for everyone. Have fun!

Flip Skateboard: There are several different types of Flip Skateboard games available, but the first two that springs to mind are the free Flip apps. You can choose to challenge yourself by testing your skills on the various challenges offered, like the one that lets you flip over several different objects to score points. Or, you could go co-op and attempt to complete challenges in the fastest time possible. The latter option isn’t available on all versions, so make sure to check that out before committing to it.

Au Prada: One of the earliest mobile game successes, Au Prada is an addictive mixture of problem-solving, fashion, and puzzle-solving. This gorgeous-looking app allows you to create your own custom-designed clothing while keeping track of your fashion trends. By the time you’ve finished designing your outfit, it’s time to put it to the test by taking it to the fashion show, where you’ll be judged by fashion experts and others who are keen on what your dress can do. As you move through the challenges presented, you’ll learn how to create fashionable outfits according to your mood, personality, and season. Unlock new clothes as you progress through each stage.

Survive The Night: Surviving The Night is a multi-player survival shooter. You play as Jack, a vagabond who wanders around aimlessly in a strange world. You have a pistol, which you must use to fend off monsters, and a camp where you can sleep, clean, and eat. The aim is not to die but rather to find a way to awaken. A few nifty features make up this fun and addictive game for both mobile and tablets.

Terraria: The Sunflowerseed is a free, lighthearted adventure game perfect for those who enjoy playing text-based console games with colorful graphics and soothing sounds. Your goal is to save the World, which has fallen to ruin with the evil wizard’s Maleficent. You’ll travel across many strange landscapes, meet lots of interesting characters, and throw a rock at some zombies to make them fall. You’ll even blow up a tent to make it easier to sneak inside. You’ll fight the undead and run into nasty bosses, including the flaming skull. The overall storyline carries through the whole game, but the pace picks up when you enter the underground kingdom of Terramartus.

Another top-quality free Android game is entitled Landmark Generator. It is a tower defense-type game where you have to protect your small island from waves of invaders. The island is attacked by nasties such as zombies, dungeon dwellers, robots, and other villains. To save the island, you have to build towers that shoot missiles at the invaders and destroy them.

Bulletproof is a single-player, action-packed arcade game perfect for those looking for some good gun shooting action on their mobile device. It’s one of the best, if not the best, Android applications available. The story revolves around a corrupt police officer who becomes determined to clear his name. He teams up with a special forces soldier and starts on a mission to save the kidnapped Chinese president. If you love shootouts with guns and enjoy a bit of adventure, you’ll love this game.

There are many more great games available for you to play on the go, including racing, arcade, word, and puzzle games. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of your phone’s power and download the latest mobile games now! You’ll find the ones I’ve mentioned here are among the best and most entertaining available on the platform.

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