There are many popular mobile games, and the leading one right now is “Doodle Jump.” It was one of the earliest apps in its category to hit the iPhone market and has remained so for a good reason. Many other apps like it, but “Doodle Jump” have stood the test of time and are still one of the best games on any platform. It has a straightforward user interface, very few controls, and is very addictive. What makes it so great is that it’s available in a huge variety of genres.

So what are the top mobile games for phones and doodles? Which is the No 1 mobile game in your mind? We review the leading games for phones, and you can play them from the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be. The most downloaded and used games on mobiles include:

Linea I and II: Paint the Town on the Map. This is the second installment in the wildly popular series of Linea. In this game, players have to paint the town of Tria on the map by earning stars over time. The game is straightforward, and the controls are intuitive. The million peak monthly players must ensure that they collect enough stars to unlock new areas and continue playing the game.

Fall in Love With app: This mobile game offers an intriguing twist on a well-known story. Players are tasked to find love and keep it through autumn. The storyline is based on the life of the author’s best friend and has been made very personal to her. Users can go on a journey to discover the reasons behind their friend’s sudden departure, which also unlocks the key to unlock her again.

Minecraft for mobile devices is currently the number one paid app with over 30 million monthly players. In this visually stunning game, players can create their own version of the famous game block. Players can use a variety of tools and combine different colored cubes to make different structures. They can also build forts and fight monsters as they work their way through the Minecraft world.

Another upcoming game that was recently introduced is Starward. Starward is a free social game that will let users travel around the galaxy and achieve quests. It promises a lot of content updates and adventures along the way. The game is expected to support over a hundred players at any given time and has been designed with both touch and virtual reality gaming in mind. The game was recently released on the mobile application store, google play pass and free download from Google play.

Fallout Shelter is another intriguing puzzle-adventure game where players explore the post-apocalyptic world and locate useful items within the environment. There are three game modes and two difficulty levels. It also comes with an advanced level and a tutorial mode that teach players the basics of playing the game. This is a challenging game that lets gamers experience what it’s like to survive in a crazy post-apocalyptic world.

Finally, there’s another fascinating mobile title called Stratego: City of Secrets. This is a hidden object puzzle game where players need to search for clues and find out the location of missing artifacts and clients to complete their mystery. It is available on android for free. This is another amazing title that will surely entice players due to its intriguing storyline and captivating characters. The story is about a young boy who lives in a city where everything is controlled by a greedy magician and his dark secret plans.

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