Mobile Legends is the hottest new Facebook game on the planet. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re really missing out. Set in the ancient times of Japan, Mobile Legends pits your strength and courage against monsters, mythical beings, and more to save your town from destruction. If you enjoyed popular browser games like Quest Manor and FarmVille, you would find that this mobile game offers everything you need to play the same addictive game on a mobile platform. Check out our comprehensive review for more information on how you can get started with Mobile Legends.

As the story goes, in prehistoric times, there was a powerful snake god named Basu. He controlled all the animals of the land, and snakes tormented those who displeased him. Legend has it that Baishu changed his form into a monster seeking to destroy all snakes in the land when a snake bit his son. This caused a war between the townsfolk and the snake god, forcing the townsfolk to attack the snake god’s realm. You have to help the townsfolk fight against the evil Baishu by playing the roles of various heroes, each with their own unique attributes, skills, and weapons.

You will be presented with an assortment of quests designed to test your patience and skills in the game. Each quest gives you one task to complete before moving on to the next, but sometimes you will run into a few that are a little harder than normal. The main objective of each quest is to defeat the enemies and return with their items/money/killed souls to complete the quest. The objective changes every time, but it is always the ultimate goal to defeat the enemy and win the game. The heroes of this game can also purchase upgrades for their abilities and weapons in between missions.

You start playing by choosing one of several heroes. The chosen hero will then experience various stages where they will go up against increasingly difficult monsters. Upon winning a battle, you move to the next stage. The game is very challenging, but it allows you to continue playing from the previous levels if you get stuck or want more of a challenge.

You get to level up by equipping your hero with new weapons, abilities, and armour. The armour helps protect your character from incoming damage, while the abilities allow you to deal extra damage or takedown enemies easier. New weapons are added every few levels, and the combination of these weapons lets you create a wide range of strategies for defeating your opponents.

You can play the game against computer-based artificial intelligence, which operates the game using an advanced algorithm. The game is well programmed and doesn’t get too complicated for the non-technical person. The controls are easy to learn and are quick and intuitive so that even a child can easily pick up the controls. You’ll also find many levels where you can change your outfit or weaponry so that you can adapt as you get more into the game.

The game comes with both voice and text commands, so you can play the game with friends who also have iPhones. The text commands are quite clear and easy to understand, and you can use them at any time during gameplay. The iPhone version allows you to select a character you like and then challenge friends to beat the high scores you set for yourself. This added competition will make you want to play more of the mobile game that you’re on the go with.

It has received many positive reviews, and millions of people enjoy this unique game. The game will not only bring you joy but will give you hours of experience levelling up and unlocking new weapons. If you love mobile gaming and enjoy getting your adrenaline pumping, then this game is something you definitely need to check out! The game costs nothing to play and is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

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