If you’re interested in mobile games, the chances are that you’ve heard of some of the big names that have released successful games this year. We’ve seen juggernauts like Zynga, Plants Vs. Zombies, and Applesauce. And we’ve also seen smaller companies enter the arena with games like Temple Run 2. So, what is the biggest mobile game? With this brief article, we hope to give you the top 5 biggest mobile games of 2021.

We’ve already mentioned Zynga in the previous paragraphs. While not necessarily the largest mobile games company by sales, their top-rated games, such as Mafia Wars 2, have drawn in millions of players. The next best game developer on the planet is definitely King Games, which has several hit titles, including Kingdom Hearts and Candyland. Besides, they also work with several larger gaming apps companies, like Zynga and Playdom, regularly.

Clearly, gaming on mobile devices has become very popular among smartphone users. This year, some of the most popular mobile games of this year include apps for Facebook and Twitter and gaming apps for Android and Kindle devices. In fact, there is currently a bustling gaming market for smartphones due to the growing popularity of smartphones and the general lack of portable gaming devices like the Nintendo Wii.

Several popular mobile game genres are seeing increased popularity due to the rise of tablets and laptops. It wouldn’t be surprising to see an increase in physical activity around the time of this year’s holiday season. That’s one of the reasons why puzzle games, which often require finger dexterity, are enjoying their surge in popularity.

The first genre on our list is the social networking game. Many people don’t realize just how much fun Facebook and Twitter can be, despite being somewhat competitive. One new mobile game that really took off was Candyland, which became one of the most viral applications on Facebook. Everyone who played Candyland felt like they had won the lottery. That kind of popularity requires a new game on mobile phones to cut as one of our best sellers. Two other new games that showed up this year are Dance Revolution: Rhythm Nation and World in Motion: Sports Mix.

Another popular game that rose to the top this year was one of the most addicting games you’ll ever have the pleasure of playing – Journey. Despite its simplicity, there are millions of people who play this addictive iPhone/iPad app. One of the most interesting things about Journey is the social aspect: your success in the game is based on the community you create. You can get points based on the comments, reviews, and recommendations users leave for you.

Perhaps one of the most interesting categories of mobile games on the scene is the role-playing game. You’ve probably heard of some popular games like Final Fantasy, Secret of Solstice, and more. If you’re looking for a more narrative-based game, look no further than an iOS application called The Tower. You can basically play as a customizable character in this interactive storybook. One of the most interesting aspects of the story is choosing different paths throughout your adventure, which gives you a lot of freedom to create your own tale.

There’s nothing quite like Angry Birds in terms of big names, but there are tons of imitations and ripoffs. The tower defense game is probably the most imitated and popular of all of them, but it still has its loyal followers. Basically, an Angry Birds mobile game is just a variation on the idea. One example of this game is called Defense Force: Reflex, a remake of the classic arcade defense game. It’s free and features leaderboards, achievements, and many other options, so if you have a mobile phone, there’s almost no reason not to check it out.

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