Top 10 Most Popular PC Games For Vista in 2021. The newest installment in The Witcher 3, The Wampa North Simulator, is one of the most downloaded games on the system. The Witcher 3 has proven to be a big hit for a long time with its excellent graphics and addictive gameplay. The game is considered by most to be the best out there for the Windows Vista system. Here are some of the best entries in this popular series:

Number 7, The Wampa North Simulator, is yet another top ten most popular pc games for Vista. It is also easily the most downloaded game for the entire system. The Wampa is a mutated human who is forced underground following a nuclear war. He now lives with his faithful, loyal, dog, Wintry. They survive through the years and The Wampa is forced to watch as the other humans of the world to fight off the monsters that threaten to consume them all.

Number 6, The Forest of Fear is another of the popular pc games for Vista. This scary adventure sends you deep into the unknown, to save your soul from a monster possessed by the darkest of forces. You are presented with a view of fear as the darkness envelopes the once beautiful world you once knew. The Forest of Fear features an impressive visual package, accompanied by excellent audio work and atmospheric effects to give you a frightening, non-stop game play experience. In addition to a gripping storyline, the audio track also contains many of the popular monster sounds that you have come to expect from the hearthstone series.

Number five, Grognak: The Ancient Times, is another one of the very popular PC games for Vista. Take control of your brave hero as you trek through a dark forest to find ancient artifacts left behind by the evils that have fallen upon the world. Along your journey you will uncover the secrets of the ancient artifacts hold, and battle fearsome bosses whose power can only be imagined. You will also discover the reason why Grognak has turned into a ghost, and why it took the other ghosts to release him from his imprisonment. This is truly one scary game.

Number four, stellaris is yet another highly entertaining game for the gaming enthusiasts on the go. Stellaris, developed by Crave Entertainment, is one of the best pc games available for Vista with its excellent graphics and realistic physics system. When you play stellaris, you will get to enjoy your gaming experience in the comfort of your own sofa as you enjoy the amazing ray-casting graphics and real 3D effects with this well designed game.

Number three, the eternal demand: Puppeteer is among the first few PC games to be integrated with online multiplayer features. This feature allows you to play other players against each other at the same time. This gives you a great chance to see how you fair against another player when the odds are against you. In addition to that, Puppeteer has a lot of exciting content that will keep you playing for hours at a stretch. It includes an interesting single player story, a series of difficult challenges, and plenty of hidden items to find.

Number two, the grand daddy of them all, is still going strong in the gaming world today. Planescape: Torment is a PC game that you have to admit is simply amazing. This amazing game managed to create quite a buzz back then with its unique, fantasy theme, excellent graphics, excellent story line, and excellent puzzles. This is also among the few games that can be played using both a keyboard and a joystick. This means that you don’t need any other gaming peripherals to make sure that you have a great time with Planescape: Torment.

Number three is Pillars of the Earth. This is a very atmospheric puzzle game that involves exploring caves while avoiding spikes and dangerous monsters. It was released in 1993 and is among the first free games to be made for the PC. A beautiful rendered 3D scene coupled with fantastic puzzles add up to make Pillars of the Earth a really fun experience. There aren’t too many puzzle games that you’ll find that can give you this much fun for free, so make sure that you check out Pillars of the Earth when you get a chance.

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